CO!E Releases His First Single, “Fallin,” Since His Album Back in March

CO!E’s new single, “Fallin,” is the result of a 4 month long hiatus following his album release. With inspiration from Brakence, Aries, and Glaive, CO!E looks to put his own indie pop twist on glitchy guitars and heavy-hitting drums. He illustrates this in his new song. With a guitar loop he chopped up from producer, prplwolf, CO!E starts the song off immediately with a captivating vocal. As the song progresses, an eighth-note bass pattern and punchy drums build the song up until the chorus when a big bass synth is introduced with distorted, glitchy drums.

“This song is kind of the start of what I want to do with my music. After doing an album of collaborations I really had to find what I wanted to do with my music. ‘Fallin’ is a good introduction to that, I feel like.”

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