Get Ready To Cry Into Your Pillow With The Release Of Saucy Mike’s Newest Project

Saucy Mike, the 19-year-old artist out of New Jersey, is known for his grunge style & music that will get you swinging your arms in a moshpit. Just when we thought we had him figured out, he dropped an absolute bomb on the music industry. An EP titled, “everywhere except here,” is entirely different from the rest of his music, and will have you sobbing & missing the special someone. Saucy Mike is showing fans and supporters that he is capable of being a household name after this release.

With 6 songs, Mike transitions through Indie Pop, Alternative Rock, Lo-Fi, & finishes the project off with some Acoustic style music. Something that really stands out with each song is the lyrics and the deeper meanings behind them.

We asked Saucy Mike about one of his songs that seems to be the fan-favorite, called “beauty in black” with fin peach. Here is what he had to say about the meaning of the song,
“My favorite part about this song is the different interpretations the listeners can have while listening. My lyrics describe a person who wears dark clothes & blends in with the night, while also having some sort of glow to them that attracts me. But the true symbolism behind this song is supposed to represent a person who is like a shadow, blank, not REALLY there. For example, when you play video games and don’t have a character unlocked, they appear as a silhouette of that person until you have them. I compared the person to that. That was the real meaning behind the song.”

If you haven’t tuned into this EP, this is definitely your sign. It is well worth the listen. Let’s see if Saucy Mike can continue to deliver this kind of passionate music to the world.

Check out “everywhere except here” below!

Link to Saucy Mike’s socials:

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