Artist: CO!E


CO!E, born Cole Phillips, is a 19-year-old artist & producer from Dallas, Texas. Growing up, CO!E played drums after his father, and his love for music gave him the inspiration to teach himself piano and guitar. From there he started making beats. CO!E went on to being a full time producer after releasing his LP titled “Colors,” which depicted each color’s emotion through the beat, on SoundCloud. During a rough patch, CO!E decided to start putting his emotions to paper. He released multiple projects to showcase his music, which is seen in the styles of bedroom pop, meme rap, and lo-fi hip hop. With the help of TikTok, CO!E’s song titled “Dead & Cold” reached over 6M streams. CO!E works closely with artists: Ian Bolen, Saucy Mike, KIL, YAMIYO, and a few others. Upon graduating high school, CO!E is looking to keep pursuing music by studying audio engineering & learning more about being an artist.

CO!E’s favorite thing about music has been collaboration for his entire life. He recently dropped an album full of collaborations. Working with 14 different artists from the likes of Koi, CapzLock, Hxmesick, kvn. and many more, CO!E can’t wait to progress his career and see what’s in store.

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CO!E News:

CO!E & Saucy Mike collaborate for the “Tomorrow” Music Video

Out of the “CO!E & COMPANY” album, “Tomorrow” was one of CO!E’s favorite songs. Finally honing in on a style that he and Saucy Mike can work with, inspired by the Tory Lanez album, “Alone at Prom,” and the song “Affection,” by Fiji Blue, they were looking to make an uptempo but melancholic song that…