CO!E & Saucy Mike collaborate for the “Tomorrow” Music Video

Out of the “CO!E & COMPANY” album, “Tomorrow” was one of CO!E’s favorite songs. Finally honing in on a style that he and Saucy Mike can work with, inspired by the Tory Lanez album, “Alone at Prom,” and the song “Affection,” by Fiji Blue, they were looking to make an uptempo but melancholic song that you can listen to in any situation. CO!E, with assistance from Ian Bolen, produced the beat on a FaceTime call with Saucy Mike. They then continued to record the entire song from their home studios over FaceTime. So, when they were in talks for a music video, it only made sense for them to do it with the FaceTime cameras on their MacBooks.

Filmed, and edited by CO!E all in one night, please enjoy this amateur-esque music video made by two teenagers in their bedrooms.

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