Unfazed Ree Unveils New Single, “Coraline,” Featuring Saucy Mike

“Coraline was always one of my favorite movies growing up and due to certain things that were going on in my life at that point, I found myself overthinking a lot about my future and the people I surrounded myself with; which is what inspired the first line of the hook: ‘Stuck in my head too much like Coraline I can’t tell real from the fake’” -Ree

With his second single as a part of Saucy Entertainment, Unfazed Ree Releases Coraline (feat. Saucy Mike). The song was written and originally recorded at a studio in downtown Philadelphia called Rec Philly but then was mixed and mastered in the basement of Ree’s House. The song starts off with Ree being up around midnight reflecting on wasted time which ends up sending him into a spiral of constant thoughts.

“I’m always up late thinking about any and everything, mostly stupid sh*t lol but sometimes it’s hard for me to stop, it doesn’t matter what it is.” -Ree

The rest of the song goes on to talk about Ree’s aspirations to become rich, help his family, and create lines that give you a good vibe type of feeling. To add even more to the song, the feature by Saucy Mike keeps the energy going and offers listeners a euphoric feeling through his adlibs and crazy melodies.

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