A Message From NickTG About His New Single, “RIGHT NOW”

“RIGHT NOW” Album Cover

“I took a trip to Tempe, Arizona to visit my engineer for the first time because we always work virtually. We met up and in a few hours we managed to make a handful of songs and I decided to put out my favorite out of the bunch. “RIGHT NOW” is basically about my past experiences specifically on wanting someone that you know in the back of their mind wants you back but they won’t make the leap. I wanted to showcase my lyrical abilities with this track because I’ve recently been making a lot of slower tracks so I wanted this to be a song you can get hype too. The song means a lot to me not only because it was the first track that me and my engineer Austin Alko made together in person but because it’s a real scenario that people including me go through. I’m working on being more consistent, that’s always been a struggle of mine but I’ll be releasing a lot soon as I try to build up my catalog.” – NickTG

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