ssadcharlie Describes They’re Process Making “BEAUTIFULLY UNCOMFORTABLE”


“When I started out on the album, I had in mind that I wanted to make it completely unlike my other projects. Over the next year and a half, I came up with three very rough drafts of the album. One Hip-hop one, one R&B one and finally, one House/Funk one. A certain thing that truly inspired me to create a project like this was my homies. All through summer of last year we would spend every day together just doing shit. The more time we spent chilling together and seshing together, the more ideas sprung up. Hip-hop ideas, vocal ideas – I even wanted to create an entire script of dialogue to be spoken throughout the project. This is why you can hear voice notes from my friends every now and then throughout the listen. I wanted to include them somehow because they are extremely special to me. Another inspiration was travelling. I spent a lot of last summer down at a small place in Devon with my family. I think the change of scene really sparked new ideas, especially within the House/Funk element. Myself and my friend Jess also took a trip to Glastonbury during that time and it completely switched my outlook on life and shit. Twas a spiritual awakening. 

I eventually chose to make the project House/Funk purely based on the reaction I got from my fans after releasing ‘how much does an uber cost’. That song was an experiment for me and it turned out so well. The process of creating this project was definitely going from one place to the other. For example, i made the drums for ‘RECORD SHOP WINDOWS (INTERLUDE) at my homie Wesly’s crib (shoutout Wesly by the way), i came up with most of the metallic sounds outta ‘UR THE REASON IM HIGH ALL THE TIME’ using recordings of me hitting mugs with teaspoons at Jess’s house. All vocal production was done in my home studio though. I also wanted to shoutout my absolute fuckin homie Flux Rose for Co-Producing this project. He knew EXACTLY what i wanted and brought so many cool ideas to the table. Love that guy. Like every Ssadcharlie album, i wanted to put a message within the project. For a very long time i suffered with HUGE amounts of homophobia. This definitely confused me as people were saying they were wanted me to be ‘out’ but then also got a lot of abuse. Thats were i came up with the name ‘BEAUTIFULLY UNCOMFORTABLE’. So, before you listen, i want you to delve into it with an open mind. You will hear some weird shit but trust me, everything is done with purpose. 

Love to everyone for the support, i hope you enjoy this weird ass album.

chaz x”

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