fin peach Releases Long Awaited Music Video For His Song, “bridges”

fin peach released the music video for his song “bridges” on Friday, the 15th of April (DIRECTED BY: KOLJA GERSTENKORN). Seeing as “bridges” wasn’t a leading single to his newly released album, “if all is fair in love and war”, it may seem like an odd choice to record a video for this song in particular. But if you look a little closer into the album’s narrative, it makes tremendous sense.

If all is fair in love and war” is all about longing, distance, and being uncomfortable. Portraying this feeling was the mission while filming the music video. Many of the shots depict fin by himself in places that should be filled with people. Subtly, there are many takes which go on just a little bit too long which suggest that maybe he is doing the same by harping on things that he cannot fix in hopes of going back to how things used to be. Towards the end, fin peach is seen to be pacing back and forth in front of a dimly lit motel. Could this signify that he believes that the person that the song is about used him much like a traveler uses a motel to rest while on a journey to a place further down the road?

The music video for “bridges” by fin peach may leave you puzzled as to why such a short song, or a sad song, or simple song was used as opposed to fin’s other music. But given the context of his project and what he wants to make you feel as a listener and a viewer, this is the perfect choice. Always working on new music, fin peach is a creative mind to keep an eye out for in the underground alternative scene!

Watch the video now!

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