Saucy Mike Drops the Official Music Video for “Blue Velvet”

Saucy Member cover pic

“Blue Velvet” by Saucy Mike depicts the dark side of love with a new age aesthetic twist. The video takes inspiration from the 1986 mystery/thriller movie, “Blue Velvet” written by David Lynch. Blending film noir with psychological horror, this movie could be described as a fever dream, & Saucy Mike shows this twisted romantic with trippy sounds and his melodic trap spin.

We asked Saucy Mike what the inspiration behind the music video was, and he told us, “I wanted to try and replicate scenes from the movie in this video, but with my own twist.” This is something he definitely pulled off. From the couch and knife scene to the car scene, these shots were pulled off perfectly, with help from Videographer, Barseh Gbor.

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