Artist: Saucy Mike

Saucy Mike

Saucy Mike is a 19 year-old artist & CEO of Saucy Entertainment. Popping out of Manchester, New Jersey, he shines in his area with his unique sound apart from most. In 2020 he created the group “Saucy Entertainment” & in time was able to bring together the music community & build a fanbase of thousands. Mike continues to grow his brand & expand his versatility within the industry. Dive into a track to discover the melodic, “sauce” he brings to the East Coast!

Saucy Mike’s News:

Saucy Mike Drops the Official Music Video for “Blue Velvet”

“Blue Velvet” by Saucy Mike depicts the dark side of love with a new age aesthetic twist. The video takes inspiration from the 1986 mystery/thriller movie, “Blue Velvet” written by David Lynch. Blending film noir with psychological horror, this movie could be described as a fever dream, & Saucy Mike shows this twisted romantic with…

CO!E & Saucy Mike collaborate for the “Tomorrow” Music Video

Out of the “CO!E & COMPANY” album, “Tomorrow” was one of CO!E’s favorite songs. Finally honing in on a style that he and Saucy Mike can work with, inspired by the Tory Lanez album, “Alone at Prom,” and the song “Affection,” by Fiji Blue, they were looking to make an uptempo but melancholic song that…