Artist: YAMIYO


Keegan Houston, otherwise known as “Yamiyo” started his music journey when he turned 13. He began writing short songs and producing Hip-Hop instrumentals but as time went on, he started recording his own original music with high energy beats and aggressive lyrics under the name “Frequency”. He became slightly popular amongst the young Soundcloud community in 2020 and started to gain a very small fan base who would listen to his regular releases. During march of 2020, Keegan released his first music video to YouTube; the music video was for a track titled “Ben & Jerrys” and would become his first song to reach streams in the hundreds. After the success of “Ben & Jerrys”, Keegan decided that on August 25th 2020, he would release his debut studio album titled “Long Story Short” which would result in a lot of new ears hearing Keegan’s music. After the release of his debut album, Keegan took a break from releasing music for two months but never stopped writing and recording new hits!

2021 was coming around and as the year swiftly came to an end so did the first era of the Frequency movement. Keegan realised that the tracks he was recording during his break sounded completely different to the singles he was releasing during 2020, but he seen this from a positive perspective as being diverse would get him heard by much bigger numbers than he initially had, thus being the beginning of as new era in his career…

During 2021, Keegan released over 40 tracks including two full length albums and a short EP titled “Love Sick”. With every project and single came many new listeners and on June 25th 2021, Keegan released a single by the name “Trouble Maker”; a Pop-Punk style track which would become his most popular song to date with over 12,000 streams on Spotify and many more on other major streaming platforms.

After the release of “Trouble Maker” and “Love Sick”, Keegan’s entire sound had changed and his perspective on the music industry as a whole had changed too. After a short break, he decided he no longer wanted to go by the name “Frequency” and decided to change his entire name and brand to “Yamiyo”.

The birth of Yamiyo came with a new sound nobody had ever heard from Keegan before and the release his third studio album on 15th of December 2021 titled “Mindstain 0.5” in which he talks about his troubles, struggling with depression, his childhood and his goals as a Rap artist.

Keegan turned 18 this year and has spoken about his goals for 2022 stating, “I’m not following trends, you can’t compare me to any other artist in the industry right now. I refuse to fail and next year I won’t be in the same position.”