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fin peach

Griffin Pavlock, also known as fin peach, started out in music much like everyone else; soundcloud rap. After scouring Youtube for a beat to rap over, a 12 year old fin would plug in his Blue Snowball microphone and record. After recording an entire album without his parents’ knowledge, they became wise to his new-found hobby and supported his endeavors. In May of 2019, fin released an album called “Sandwiches” under the moniker “Felix”. This album would land him some buzz in his hometown of New Braunfels, Texas and pave the way for the sound he is known for today.

In 2020, fin moved to Missoula, Montana and decided to use this shift in his life as a reset in his music. Steering away from the neo-soul/alternative sound of “Sandwiches”, he went back to rap. Spending months trying to perfect his production style and recording techniques, he finally released a loose concept album called, “Cut Corners”. This project wasn’t as well received as his last but this was expected; he had switched his style and was figuring out things as he went. But the next year would be the ultimate turning point.

Something needed to change, he felt. After sleeping on it, fin decided it was time to change again; But this time, for good. In April of 2021, “Felix” changed his name to “fin peach” and deleted all of his previous music. All of this came after releasing an EP named, “godspeed demos” consisting of 5 songs, each produced, engineered, and recorded by himself. The sound was there but the execution was a little off. Over the past year, fin has been perfecting his sound which can be heard on his new album, “if all is fair in love and war” which tackles his struggles with being alone in a new place and longing for things that once were.

fin peach is an artist who cannot be denied. Although he has struggled to find his sound and image, this drives home the fact that there are no limits to where he will go in his musical journey. Keep an eye out for him in the coming years!

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